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About Douglas



Douglas’ Spiritual Philosophy

We are spiritual beings in a spiritual reality who have convinced ourselves we are physical. This has been the belief of man as recorded in the earliest forms of historical records found on this earth. The perception of this fact however, has been and is still interpreted and understood in a multitude of ways. I agree with the root of many of these beliefs – man and God are one and the same spirit. Jesus Christ said the Kingdom of God is within us, as well as all around us. He said he was in the Father and the Father in him. This indicates there is no separation between you, me, and God.

I believe spiritual truth is not a religious activity. Rather, it is a very personal spiritual experience. Often religion with its doctrines, dogmas, and its demands to adhere to its unique tenets, severely hinders the individual’s quest to achieve the highest possible embodiment of God’s truth as well as his own. I do not suggest or teach any religion or segment of religion, nor do I condemn religion.

Douglas’ Political Philosophy

We are are all a product of our environment. I live in the United States, which is a Democratic Republic. A republic is a state in which the controlling power is held by the people and their elected representatives. A republic has a citizen nominated  and elected president. Our republic has a Constitution, a document written and approved by the people. It can only be changed by the people through their state governments. Its current state is the basis for the entire body of laws that govern and protect our freedom. Deviation from this document removes the ruling power from the people and puts it in the hands of whoever can wield that power.

We the people control who represents us. At least those of us who put out the effort to vote. In too many cases money controls electoral outcome. First, because many people abrogate their responsibility to vote their conscious. Secondly, because the people believe what advertising and their selected news media feeds them.

The enemy of  the U.S. is political ignorance. I don’t claim to be a political genius. I am just as irrational as you are. My degree is not in law or political science. It is in education. The main thing I learned was that you can believe anything you want to believe and what you believe becomes your truth. If you think it is the only truth, you are irrational.

Douglas’ Story

I have been involved in pursuing truth since my early teens. now covering over sixty years. I  have had a multi-faceted career in mass retail, media, and business ownership. I served in the Christian church as teacher, deacon, staff member, and pastor.

At the age of 53, i stepped away from the church pastorate and began the journey into living the best I can as my authentic self. This story is much too long and complicated to relate on this page, and you probably don’t care anyway. However, I will give you just a bit of what’s important.

I spent most of my life chasing carrots of one kind or another. It was a mixed bag; sometimes glorious and sometimes disastrous. We all know there is something more than this life and at some point that something becomes the most important thing in our lives. That something is the Source of all Life and to experience that Spirit is what I consider spirituality.

I have found there are few people in this world today seeking spiritual truth. I have come to the think freedom, and the control of it, in the U.S. has become our religion and this has subjugated our spirituality into oblivion. Even at this, too many are oblivious to politics, ignore it, consider it just noise, and live in their own bubble. That bubble is now in danger of being broken. Ignoring the privilege of an educated decision at the ballot box at every opportunity is allowing the radical elements, right or left, to control our freedom, and I deeply believe that freedom is in jeopardy. That belief may be irrational, but nonetheless, I have arrived at a point that I have to speak my peace, I just Gotta Say So!


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