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About Douglas





Douglas’ Background


Fifty years of my working life was spent in the business world. It began selling doughnuts door to door at 12, to  a sackboy and stocker in a grocery store at 14, to a stockboy at a dime store at 16, and assistant manager at 18, and manager at 20. My adult life took me to manager of a Wal-Mart, an auto supply store, department manager for Montgomery Ward, and It, Composing, and Press Director for a regional newspaper, where I retired at 66.

Somewhere in that journey I opened a commercial sign company, and art gallery, and an online art supply store, as well as serving 10 years as a bi-vocational church pastor.

Now I dabble in art and various pursuits from time to time like GottaSaySo!, an imprinted wearables and household items shop.