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Douglas D. Simpson

Creator of Invested Coach, the home of Douglas D. Simpson’s business coaching and consulting company. After a working lifetime in retail mass retail management, advertising media, and starting and selling three businesses, Douglas wants to share his knowledge and experience.

Douglas sees so many small businesses that struggle to provide the income for its owners and employees they deserve.  This is due to many factors, but the fundamentals of doing business is critical to establishing and maintaining a foothold in the expanding real and virtual business world of today.

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Douglas can’t seem to refrain from some kind of merchandise business, even a very small one. There are so many things going on in our country today with so many opinions and viewpoints it is mind blowing. Douglas produces t-shirts and wearables under the brand name of GottaSaySo! His expression of patriotism for our great country and the awesome state of Texas is expressed on these imprinted garments and household items.

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