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Real Love Is Profound!

We are not all the same – a simple fact to understand and believe. Uniqueness is built into our DNA. The current atmosphere of dividing us as a people into categories of various value makes no logical sense.

A true love of mankind is incapable of hate, bigotry, and racism.  A love of mankind that includes all people and considers them all to be of personal value equal to all others on the planet is profound. A famous teacher once said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is as simple as that yet it can create a world which most of us are yet to see.


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Joy Ride

Talk About Irrational! An airport maintenance worker took a 45 minute joy ride with a 67 passenger airliner doing barrel rolls and loops above the airport. Interesting because he did not have a pilot's license nor did he have training to fly a passenger airliner. This...

Socialism from Within

I was born at the close of World War II. Patriotism and support for our great country has been a part of my entire life. I have witnessed some ripples in our country and a few rough spots. But never have I seen the turmoil, divide, deep hatred, animus, and disdain...

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